4 Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss is a big concern for a large percentage of men these days. Estimates suggest that nearly two-thirds of the male population start losing their hair by their mid 30’s. The following tips will help in reducing the hair loss in men,

  1. Have Healthy Eating Habits

Hair loss is often due to lack of proper balanced diet that leads to deficiency of minerals and vitamins which is required for healthy hair. A healthy eating routine can reverse the hair loss problems. Proteins support hair growth, so include protein-rich food like soy, fish and lean meat. Also, include seeds and nuts that are packed with antioxidants, vitamin E and healthy fats since all of these promote healthy hair. Adding a little cinnamon in your daily intake helps in providing nutrition to hair.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water throughout the day not only keeps the skin supple but also nourishes your hair. This is because 25% of hair follicles are made of water and not drinking enough water leads to dehydration and hence weakens new follicles leading to hair loss.

3. Take your Dose of Vitamins

Vitamin deficiency is also a major cause of hair loss. Apart from getting a proper balanced diet you also require some vitamin supplements. Ask your doctor to recommend some multivitamins.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress is known as a silent killer which not only affects your cardiac health but also your hair growth as well. If you are stressed, it puts the hair follicles in a resting stage which stops the hair growth. Also, the body is flooded with hormone cortisol that

speeds up the balding process. The process is more prominent if the person is genetically predisposed to losing hair. Reduce stress by practising yoga and meditation.

There are several medications, shampoos and hair oil available in the market that claim to slow down or prevent hair loss in men. The medications might have side-effects and should be taken only after consulting the medical practitioner. However, the tips suggested above can be followed without any concern as they are without any side effects.


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