Author: abhishek

Daily Beauty And Makeup Routine

That’s a photo of my mother last summer on a cruise in Alaska. Mother is 84, 85 in December. Does she look it? No way! You ought to see her up close – her skin is flawless. She may have a few “age lines” (Never call them wrinkles!) but her skin is as (yep, here […]

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How to Achieve Diabetic Diet Nutrition

The life of a diabetic presents many challenges indeed. To a diabetic it is very important to realize the relation between carbohydrate intake and managing their diabetes since carbohydrates quickly turn into sugar in the body blood glucose levels are drastically changed. Choose a diet that is a balance of your necessary nutrients and minerals. […]

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Dieting Nutrition Tips For Women

I put some dieting nutrition tips out here to help you out in your attempt to shed some pounds. I will not give you unreachable goals here either. I could lay out a fantastic diet that maybe you will not use, but that is pointless. I’m going to hand you simple information that you can […]

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