Daily Beauty And Makeup Routine

That’s a photo of my mother last summer on a cruise in Alaska. Mother is 84, 85 in December. Does she look it? No way! You ought to see her up close – her skin is flawless. She may have a few “age lines” (Never call them wrinkles!) but her skin is as (yep, here comes another cliché) “soft as a baby’s behind!”

They say those with medium and darker complexions show their age the least. Fair skinned people tend to wrinkle and sag more, I suppose, due to the dryness of their skin and hair. So, I’m told. I don’t have any scientific research to back myself up. I DO have a couple examples though.

Since I was adopted at birth, I am told my birth parents’ ethnic background is Portuguese. I have to take them at their word. I have a relatively dark complexion, “olive” it’s called. My blue-eyed, blonde-haired friends were always so envious that I didn’t have to sit and cook all day in the sun to get a tan. It just happened – matter of fact, I preferred to stay out of the sun.

Growing up, my (adoptive) mother was always squawking about taking care of your skin. She said if you keep getting tanned now, when you got older, your skin would look like leather. (Freaked me out!)

She would always have the best skin products. Do you remember “Furchgott’s” department store? She would make a special trip into town to go to Furchgott’s and have the makeup lady recommend products. Now, granted this is “back in the day” (the early 60s) when things weren’t excessively prosperous. Yet she would go home with a giant bag full of facial/skin products totaling up in the double digits!

And she would perform her “routine” religiously. Yes, she was a strict Catholic – but one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other. LOL

Now, here I am – just had my 49th birthday and am tripping out about my upcoming 50th.

I’ve heard it said many many times “You don’t look that old – you look like your in your late 30s or early 40s.” Okay, thank you for the compliment, but that’s no big whoop, really. I guess I’ll just have to act younger too! (pfft – as if I don’t already!) I was quite the “hot tamale” back in my 20s! And if I knew then what I know now…well, that’s another story.

So, I thought I’d share my “daily beauty/makeup routine, ritual, obsession – whatever the case may be – with you. And I want to hear about yours too. I’ve been “pulling a Mildred” (acting like my mother) on my teenager, Bree – constantly harping on her about taking care of her skin and eating right. I want her to see how important it is.

So, here’s mine:

  1. Dove soap or cleanser
  2. Maybelline Medium to Dark Brown Eyebrow pencil (I lost my brows in 1976 and have been drawing them on every day for the past 30-some-odd years – no, I don’t want tattooed eyebrows! Imagine how you’d look when you’re really old and senile – with these dark eyebrows and some snow-white hair! Ew!)
  3. Moisturizer/lotion (Oil of Olay, but I prefer plain ole Jergens – don’t ya love how Jergens smells?)
  4. Base: Cover Girl “Ultimate Finish” (liquid powder makeup, #420 creamy natural)
  5. Cream concealer (yellow – hides bags under eyes; light and dark beige for flaws & contouring)
  6. Powder – L’Oreal “True Match” (nude beige/beige)
  7. White eyeliner pencil (under brows, outer lower corners of eyes)
  8. Dk brown or black (soft) eyeliner pencil – inner lower lids
  9. Dk brown eyebrow powder
  10. Lip liner (usually dark mauve)
  11. Blush (shades from peach to coral)
  12. Lipstick/lipgloss

Former high school English and Social Studies teacher; currently the foster parent of a 14 year old.

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