New York Considers Legalizing Marijuana for Menstrual Cramp

New York Considers Legalizing Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps

As per a new legislation supported by New York Assembly woman, Linda Rosenthal, women in
the state of New York would now have the choice to treat unbearable menstrual cramps with
the help of medical marijuana.

This initiative was taken to add dysmenorrhea (severe period cramps) to the existing list of
conditions that are necessary in order to qualify for the use of medical marijuana use.

As per the bill, the use of medicinal marijuana will not just improve the wellness of women
and their productivity during menstruation, but it would also advance the state of New York
as one of the nation's fastest-growing industries.

According to the bill, the use of medical marijuana will help relieve dysmenorrhea. Though
there are not enough studies that would prove the same, it’s not out of the realm.

Rosenthal expressed that she would hope to see larger reforms to New York State’s medical
marijuana guidelines and not merely stick to adding acute period cramps to the list of the
approved conditions.

She said – "Midol cannot be the pinnacle of menstrual cramp treatment. We women demand
more, we demand access to pain relieving medication that is safe and effective at relieving
menstrual cramps."

Rosenthal predicts that in the absence of alternative reliable measures, some women may opt
for opioids. They are addictive and are becoming increasingly prevalent in the city of New York.
She urges to pass this bill so that women can rely on more peaceful methods.

According to a report, about 20% of women who suffer from reoccurring period cramps
experience dysmenorrhea. This limits their capacity to go about and do their daily tasks.

As per the present law, New York's medical marijuana guidelines are very tight. Patients with
one of the 11 debilitating, severe or life-threatening conditions can apply. The conditions are
cancer, AIDS or HIV infection, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's
disease, spinal-cord injury, epilepsy, neuropathy, Huntington's disease and inflammatory bowel

Also the patients need to have complicated condition such as chronic pain, seizures or severe
nausea. For comparison, the doctors in California are allowed to prescribe the use of medical
marijuana for any illness.

New York has very strict regulations as to how marijuana can be used – that too just in the form
of an extract. The patients here have argued that the number of dispensaries in New York is far
to less and too widely dispersed.

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