What Happens if You Give up Alcohol for a Month?

30 days no alcohol and surprising results

Alcohol consumption has many pros and cons associated with it. Some of these are true while others are not. You read a lot of material online and get even more confused about what to believe and what to disregard as you can find contradictory statement regarding the same aspect. While there are awareness campaigns declaring drinking as unsafe, you also find articles claiming that moderate consumption is actually beneficial for health. This theory has been proven to be untrue by research.

If you are a regular drinker and wish you understand the benefits and disadvantages of your level of alcohol consumption, you should try this test. Promise yourself 30 days no alcohol and surprising results will be ready for revelation. You will be able to feel the positives and negatives of giving up alcohol completely from your own experience and be the best judge to answer your own questions.

30 days no alcohol and surprising results

30 Days No Alcohol and Surprising Results

Some insights that have been revealed by others who have tried this are listed below:

  • You Sleep Better

Not consuming alcohol for 30 days (no cheat days allowed) helps you to sleep well with snoring greatly reduced and rejuvenation at the time of getting out of bed

  • You Realise That Any Drinking Is Harmful

You will realise that abstaining from alcohol stops the deterioration of your health hence proving that any amount of alcohol; consumption is harmful, be it a shot or a bottleful of alcohol.

  • You Discover a New ‘You’

When your body is not being fed any alcohol, you get a chance to understand yourself better psychologically. You discover your hidden facets, which often get lost under the influence of alcohol.

30 days no alcohol and surprising results

  • Your Health Parameters Improve

Alcohol affects the liver and hence the digestive system of the body. Giving up alcohol just for 30 days shows a marked improvement on the parameters of liver functioning.  The effect is more pronounced in heavy drinkers as compared to moderate drinkers. So, 30 days no alcohol and surprising results are what you would experience!

  • The Urge to Drink Reduces

When you have successfully remained off the bottle for 30 days, the heavy drinkers do go back to drinking but their consumption is reduced by as much as 70%. The light drinkers, on the other hand, go back to their original consumption levels

So, if you give up alcohol for a month, other than assessing your addiction levels you will be able to strengthen your resolve to giving it up completely. If you are an occasional drinker, you may not be able to identify much difference in your life pre and post the challenge though there will be some behavioural and physical changes not immediately comprehended.

The effects on body and mind are the two different aspects that you should look for. You can consider saying goodbye to a lethargic body and welcome a fresher, clearer thinking mind. There will be a greater acceptance of the possibility of a better life with the complete removal of the alcohol element from it. So, 30 days no alcohol and surprising results will welcome you.

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